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Lappset to build 2nd Tykkimaki Action Park in Lahti

02 Oct 2017, 10:29 ( 11 Months ago)

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Photo source: Lappset Group.

The Rovaniemi-based Lappset Group is set to install a second indoor activity park for Tykkimaen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy in its Prisma department store in Lahti at an estimated cost of one million euros.

The first Tykkimaki Action Park was opened in October 2016 in the Kouvola Prisma department store.

This new action park project comes in the wake of the Lappset Group’s remarkable growth in recent times in its theme park business both at home and abroad, with its theme park wing, Lappset Creative, doing extraordinarily fine in implementing its theme park projects overseas undertaken in partnership with Mattel Group and a number of other big brands.

The planned Tykkimäki Action Park in Lahti will offer a wide variety of fitness and adventure activities for families. The park to be built on the premises of the former Isku furniture chain store of Prisma department store complex will cover a space of approximately 1,500 square metres (16,000 sq. ft).

Lappset company in Rovaniemi. DF Photo.“The construction will begin after the design and planning phase has been completed and the construction site is ready in the Laune Prisma shopping centre in Lahti. It is scheduled to open early 2018,” Lappset Communication Manager Irma Kuukasjarvi told the Daily Finland.

She said, as in the first Tykkimaki Action Park, this second park too will contain a large number of diverse equipment for play and sports activities, with its freestyle part having trampolines and other facilities for indoor sports.

“Today, many countries in the world are struggling with health issues. Both children and adults spend more and more time on computers and mobile devices. Physical activities like play and exercise are decreasing in almost all western countries. If physical exercise doesn’t increase, they face intensified health issues later in life,” Kuukasjarvi said explaining the need for the indoor park.

She said this park combines play and sports, especially for children of all ages including teens. This combination makes the site special and allows several generations to spend time together in various physical exercises.

Lappset Group CEO TeroYlinenpää in a recent press release said commercial activities are experiencing enormous growth in the activity and theme park sectors, which also means more recruitment.

“We will be recruiting experts in a number of fields, such as designers, project managers and installation staff. These experts will be required in the theme park projects, but they will also be involved in boosting other product developments in the coming years,” said Ylinenpää.

In the press release Tykkimaen Vapaa-aikakeskus CEO Sakari Pasanen said, “We have had so many positive experiences from the Kouvola Action Park that we made the decision to establish another action park, this time branching away from Kouvola. In addition to this action park in Lahti, we are also planning similar expansion to Kotka and Lappeenranta.”

“We are very excited about the new action park. It will expand and enhance the attraction and range of services available at Laune’s Prisma shopping complex. What’s more, S-Bonus cardholders will be awarded S-group bonuses for visiting the action park,” said Lari Rusila, division director of Prisma stores and food courts at Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa.

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