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Rovaniemi Snowmobile Fair 2017 on Nov 4-5

22 Oct 2017, 19:38 ( 22 Oct, 2017) | updated: 23 Oct 2017, 02:20 ( 23 Oct, 2017)

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Snowmobile fair at Lappi Arena in Rovaniemi in 2016. DF File Photo.

The 12th Rovaniemi Snowmobile Fair will be held on November 4-5 in the Lappi Arena welcoming this year’s snowmobile season.

The organising company Lapin Messut Limited expects that local and international exhibitors participating in the fair will attract thousands of visitors like the previous years, particularly families and young people.

“As in the previous year, we are expecting at least 15,000 visitors,” Lapin Messut Ltd CEO Mikko Vikström told the Daily Finland.

He said snowmobile enthusiasts and snowmobile trade professionals from across Finland and the northern Europe will get an opportunity to visit 170 booths to be set up in the fair including 12 by foreign exhibitors.

He termed the snowmobile fair Europe’s biggest.

The Rovaniemi Snowmobile Fair is one of the city’s most visible exhibitions and the biggest of its kind in the continent. The aim is to introduce renowned snowmobile brands to the Finnish people and, at the same time, promote Lapland as an ideal place for snowmobile traders and sports, the organisers said.

They said the event is gaining more and more popularity by the year and has turned into a traditional part of opening the snowmobile season in Lapland.

A number of old snowmobiles are expected to be also auctioned on the occasion outside the fair venue.

On the sideline of the snowmobile exhibition, different companies showcase disparate relevant goods, including winter clothes, jackets, sports equipment, and other necessary useful things in the fair every year.

The Snowmobile Fair presents all the renowned snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) brands from around the world, said the fair website, adding that the exhibition also includes a variety of related accessories and supplies from numerous producers and importers.

The ticket for the event is priced at €15 for an adult and €8 for a child.

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