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HopLop, Rollohalli magnetise Rovaniemi kids

25 Oct 2017, 20:59 ( 25 Oct, 2017)

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Indoor adventure parks HopLop and Rollohalli at Napapiirintie in Rovaniemi. DF Photo.

Indoor adventure parks HopLop and Rollohalli at Napapiirintie have taken the centre stage in children’s entertainment in Rovaniemi.

The indoor activity centres came into operations in January 2014. Since then their popularity among the city dwellers has climbed sky-high, said the parks’ authorities.

“HopLop and Rollohalli have become the top places of entertainment for the city people, particularly the children. About 50 thousand people visit them every year,” Satu Myllyniemi, a supervisor at HopLop and Rollohalli, told the Daily Finland.

While HopLop is designated for children only, everybody including adults can enjoy the facilities of Rollohalli, she said.

“We experience a huge rush during the weekends and holidays when parents bring their children here, as their schools remain closed,” she said, adding that most of the visitors are city dwellers, but some tourists also do visit the place.

Myllyniemi said, although there are HopLop parks in many places across the country, Rollohalli is unique to Rovaniemi.

Every day, the parks are filled with the noise of merrymaking as children escorted by their parents enjoy and experience about 25 fun activities focused on motor skills development.

HopLop is a sporty adventure park where children can play to experience physical sensations and personal preference, whereas Rollohalli offers an action-packed and comprehensive recreational environment for all ages over seven.

A mother accompanying two children to the parks said they visit here frequently as it is an ideal place for those who love physical activities and want to be athletes in the future. The parks have created opportunities for the children to experience something new that are simple to use and are safe, too.

HopLop also offers the scope for having birthday parties of children, and, according to the park’s authorities, hundreds of children are found to be fascinated by the scope of celebrating their birthdays with the HopLop fun.

A Hoplop ticket costs 10 euros for a child of one to two years and 15 euros for a child aged three years or more, while the entry for an infant of less than 12 months is free.

A Rollohalli ticket is priced at 15 euros a person, but if anyone wants to buy the tickets for both HopLop and Rollohalli, it costs only 18 euros in all.

The parks are open every day from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.

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