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Finnish men remarry oftener than women

Finnish women get married with more foreigners

14 Nov 2017, 23:57 ( 11 Months ago) | updated: 15 Nov 2017, 08:52 ( 11 Months ago)

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Finnish women in 2016 married men having nationality of 120 countries, according to the Statistics Finland.

The number of nationalities of the bridegrooms can actually be a little higher as nearly 100 of the bridegrooms had no nationality. 

Altogether, 2,700 women including 1,900 Finnish citizens and 3,150 men of whom 2,000 were Finnish citizens entered into marriage with foreign citizens in 2016. 

Finnish women most commonly married Iraqis (135), Turkish (123), and British (111) citizens. On the other hand, Finnish men most commonly married Taiwanese (357), Russian (300) and Vietnamese (121) citizens in last year.

The number of nationalities of Finnish men’s spouses was 108, which is slightly lower than that of women. 

In addition, a small number of men’s spouses had no nationality, so the variation of nationalities can be slightly higher than that mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the Statistics Finland’s data said remarriage is commoner for men than women. 

Men’s remarriage is also more common when examined by age group, except for the persons aged below 35, while women’s remarriage was more common than men’s for the second year in a row. The rate of remarriage decreases gradually with age.

The number of persons who remarried in 2016 remained almost unchanged from the previous year, with 6,200 marriages recorded for women and 6,500 for men. The annual change in the number of remarriages in the past 10 years has been small by volume. 

The annual rates of remarriage as well as the marriage rate in general started slide since 2008. But, in recent years, the remarriage rate has picked up a bit, unlike the marriage rate. The figures show an increase in remarriage and marriage rates for women, as they are the same as for men. The figures in case of men are simply a little higher than those for women.

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