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Croatian taxi drivers protest against law favoring Uber

13 Mar 2018, 23:42 ( 13 Mar, 2018)

DF-Xinhua Report
DF File Photo.

Croatia taxi drivers protested here on Wednesday in front of the parliament building against a new law that could further liberalize the taxi market and allow Uber to operate in the country.

Protesters complained they were not involved in the making of the law that would be open to public discussion in December. They believed that because of the new law, 2,500 taxi drivers in Croatia could be forced to close their business.

"The main problem is a company that is illegally working for two years and there is no end in sight," Jozo Kovacevic, president of taxi drivers' union, told local media.

He claimed that taxi drivers care about the safety of the citizens and pay taxes to the state, while Uber doesn't pay taxes, doesn't employ people or cooperate with students and retirees.

According to a local survey published this month, 86 percent of citizens believe that Uber is a modernization of transport service and that they support Uber's work.

Traffic inspectors have seized dozens of Uber drivers' cars so far, but that didn't affect the company's business in the country.

In July, taxi drivers blocked traffic near the airports of Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik, causing traffic jams and long lines.

In September, a Croatian court rejected Ministry of Transport's request to ban Uber. The Croatian government is working on the new road traffic act which would regulate the work of Uber.