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Death rate eases in 2017

Women live 7 years more than men

30 Apr 2018, 00:20 ( 10 Months ago) | updated: 30 Apr 2018, 10:20 ( 10 Months ago)

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Photo Visit Finland by Elina Manninen.

A total of 53,722 people died in the country in 2017, which was 201 fewer than that in 2016, according to the Statistics Finland.

On average, men died 7.1 years younger than women, while 20 years ago, the corresponding average age difference at the time of death between the genders was 13.3 years.

In 2017, the average life expectancy at birth was 78.7 years for boys and 84.2 years for girls.

In 2017, men on average died at the age of 74.8 and women at 81.9. So, women died, on average, 7.1 years older than men.

In case of the young people, a majority of deaths took place among young men, while more women had died on an average compared to men among the people aged 82 and above.

The median age at death for men was 77.4 years and for women 85.4 years. The median age describes the middle value, that is, one-half of all persons that died at a younger or older age than the average age.

The number of children of less than one year who died in 2017 was 102, posting no significant change from the levels of death of such infants in the two previous years.

In 2017, the number of infant deaths per one thousand live-born children was 2.0, which is 0.1 per mil units higher than that in the previous year. Even though the number of infant deaths remained almost unchanged, infant mortality rate was slightly higher in last year than in the previous two years due to a lower number of births.