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Turku murders suspect acted alone: Police

07 Feb 2018, 22:59 ( 07 Feb, 2018) | updated: 07 Feb 2018, 23:14 ( 07 Feb, 2018)

DF-Xinhua Report
File Photo Xinhua.

Police revealed Wednesday details of its investigation into the knife attacks in central Turku, southwestern Finland on Aug. 18, 2017 that claimed the lives of two women and injured several more, saying the assailant acted alone.

The police said they would suggest to the prosecution that 23-year old Moroccan Abderrahman Bouanane be charged with two counts of murder and nine counts of attempted murder with a terrorist intent.

 The police concluded that he had acted alone. The police said he had "viewed himself as acting for ISIS" (Islamic State).

The chief investigator of the case Olli Toyras said Bouanane was acting as "a lone wolf", meaning there was no Finnish or international organization behind the attacks, the police concluded.