Sunday, 16 December, 2018

HC allows neo-fascists PVL to continue operation

16 Feb 2018, 22:25 ( 10 Months ago)

DF-Xinhua Report
A snapshot taken from the website of Nordic Resistance Movement. DF Photo.

The attempt by the Finnish police to curb the activities of the neo-fascist Nordic Resistance Movement (Finnish acronym PVL) suffered a setback on Friday, as the High Court in Turku rejected an application by the Police Administration to "temporarily prohibit the activities of the organization".

A local court in Tampere, central southern Finland, had banned the organization last November, but the Resistance Movement filed a complaint about the verdict. The police then wanted to intervene through a "temporary suspension order" that would be valid until the High Court takes a stand on the banning.

The Nordic Resistance Movement has been able to continue its activities as the verdict to ban it has no legal validity due to the filed complaint. The police noted that the movement has published material and arranged an Independence Day event since the ban was issued.

The Resistance Movement told the High Court that a temporary suspension would include assessment of the basis of the low court banning decision and would make the processing of their appeal against it in High Court redundant.

National broadcaster Yle reported on Friday the High Court has not yet decided when it will begin dealing with the complaint against the banning by the low court.

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