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Finnish Navy joins Anti-Submarine Exercise in Sweden

11 Apr 2018, 23:59 ( 11 Months ago) | updated: 12 Apr 2018, 11:02 ( 11 Months ago)

DF Report
File picture of Ghannatha mortar boat of Navy. Photo Patria.

Vessels from the Finnish Navy are participating in an exercise arranged by the Swedish Navy from 11 to 19 April in the archipelago of Stockholm, said an official press release.

The objective of the exercise is to enhance the interoperability in Anti-Submarine Warfare between Finland and Sweden as a part of the operation of the Swedish-Finnish Naval Task Group, SFNTG.

The Finnish troops will enhance their own Anti-Submarine Warfare capability and maintain their capability of functioning as a part of a multinational naval force. Finland’s participation in the exercise will support the maintaining and developing of Finland’s national naval defence.

From Finland two Rauma-class fast attack craft and one Katanpää-class mine hunter will take part in the exercise. Staff officers from the Navy Command Finland will also participate in the exercise.

The exercise is led by the Swedish Navy.