Probe launched into Mäntyharju chemical leak

14 May 2018, 22:34


DF File Photo

The police are currently conducting investigations as to whether the Mäntyharju chemical accident constitutes environmental offences, reported the national broadcaster Yle.

According to the report, the police are now gathering information about the mishap and one of its aspects does concern environmental pollution. They are also consulting the environmental authorities and the South Savo ELY Centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment).

The law enforcing agency has received a number of requests for investigation and contacted the public in relation to the accident.

According to the Safety Investigation Authority, 50 tank wagons temporarily stored at the Kinni railway station began to move and crashed into the buffer stop. The collision resulted in the buffer stop being destroyed and two wagons being derailed. One of the wagons was damaged in the collision, spilling around 35,000 litres of the chemical MTBE on the ground.

The accident took place on 7 April 2018. Early that month, the police assessed that there was no need to launch a pre-trial investigation into the accident, but the situation has changed.