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Finns' travel to European countries ups, America slides

31 Mar 2018, 21:22 ( 11 Months ago)

DF Report
Photo Port of Helsinki by Tuula Palaste.

Finns made 8.5 million different kinds of leisure trips abroad in 2017, according to Statistics Finland.

Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Southern Europe increased their popularity as travel destinations among Finns but trips to the American continent fell in popularity.

The number of domestic leisure trips was 26 million. Business trips in Finland remained on level with the previous year but business trips abroad decreased from the previous year.

Finnish residents’ leisure trips abroad increased in 2017 from the year before. Slightly more trips than in 2016 were made to Estonia in 2017, and it maintained its unwavering top position as a leisure trip destination for Finns.

Leisure trips to neighbouring countries Sweden and Russia decreased from 2016.

Among customary favourites in Central Europe, the United Kingdom and France, as well as Continental Spain and Greece in Southern Europe gained popularity.

The number of domestic trips with paid accommodation increased from the previous year.

 In 2017, a total of nearly seven million such trips were made. Short trips lasting under four nights increased, but trips lasting for at least four nights decreased from the year before. As expected, summer months were the most popular time to travel in Finland.

One-fifth of trips with paid accommodation were made to the region of Uusimaa. The next most popular regions were Pirkanmaa and Lapland. The most popular towns were Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

Compared with the previous year, nights spent at hotels and rented cottages increased slightly.

The most popular destination for trips with free accommodation was also Uusimaa. The next most popular destinations for trips with free accommodation were Pirkanmaa, North Ostrobothnia, Lapland and Varsinais-Suomi.

The number of business trips abroad decreased a bit from the previous year and remained roughly at the same level in Finland as in the year before.