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Winter speed limits come into force this week

25 Oct 2018, 04:40 ( 4 Months ago)

DF Report
Photo Source: Liikennevirasto.

The speed limit on roads and highways will be lowered from today as winter speed limits will come into force.

The sign of the speed limit will be changed on Thursday and Friday.

The winter speed limit is normally lowered by 20 kilometers per hour compared to the summer speed limit.

There are, however, some exceptions and the winter speed limit on main trunk roads is 80kilometters per hour, although the speed limit remains at 100 kilometers per hour at some lesser travelled area.

The limit will be lowered to 60 kilometers per hour or 70 kilometers per hour on some roads where vehicular movement is higher than normal.

On the highway, the speed limit will be lowered to 100 kilometers per hour from the 120 kilometers per hour but on few wider roads the speed limit will remain 120 kilometers per hour until the end of November.