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2,100 homes in East left blackout

24 Dec 2017, 16:14 ( 10 Months ago) | updated: 25 Dec 2017, 11:30 ( 10 Months ago)

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Heavy snowfall on Sunday caused massive power outage especially in eastern Finland, reported the local media.

Around 2,100 households had been going without electricity till Sunday afternoon in the hardest hit areas of north Karelia and Kainuu. Around, 9,000 households were running without power in Sunday morning.

The power transmission company PKS, which operates in north Karelia, attributed the blackouts to heavy loads of snow piling on trees, causing them to fell on power lines and snapping the electricity transmission in quite a large area. Snowfall was expected to subside by Sunday afternoon, after which the repairs would gain the best possible pace.

Repair work had already been completed by the afternoon in Padasjoki, Äänekoski, and Lemi.


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