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Heat wave forecast for rest of the week

15 Jul 2018, 22:43 ( 8 Months ago) | updated: 17 Jul 2018, 13:20 ( 8 Months ago)

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Extremely high temperature is forecast throughout the country in the coming days, said the Met Office.

According to the forecast, the southern and central parts of the country will see temperature exceed 30 degrees Celsius, reported Finnish language daily MTV news.

Areas near the eastern border and Lapland may, however, experience rain showers. The scenario is the same for the whole country on Monday with enough rains on the horizon.

According to meteorologist on duty Hannu Valtoa, Lapland may possibly turn out to be the warmest part of the country on Tuesday.

The heat wave will continue for the rest of the week, however, the likelihood of thunderstorms will intensify towards the end of the week.