Saturday, 23 March, 2019

Extensive blooming of cyanobacteria on in sea, lakes

27 Jul 2018, 03:13 ( 7 Months ago) | updated: 27 Jul 2018, 03:16 ( 7 Months ago)

DF Report
Cyanobacterial blooms in sea areas of Finland, week 30. Photo ESRI World Light Grey Base / SYKE.

Extensive blooming of cyanobacteria has continued in the southern and southwestern Finnish sea areas and lakes, said a press release issued by Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

Wide surface blooms are situated in the southern sea areas of Åland and the Archipelago Sea, and in the Gulf of Finland.

There is also a wide cyanobacterial bloom in the open sea area of the Bothnian Sea.

In lakes, cyanobacterial situation has been worse than usually already for five weeks.